About me

I am an amateur photographer in my spare time.

I started learning about photography when I was 10 years old. I started with film and at 16 I had a black and white lab in the bathroom.

I took a long hiatus from photography for about 25 years and when DSLRs became powerful and affordable enough to rival film photography I came back in. I am exclusively a Nikon equipment photographer although I have a few off-brand lenses which I love and use often.

My interests are varied but I concentrate mainly on nature (especially birds and insects), architecture, and technology. I love to do aviation photography when I can get to fly.

I live in Miami, a wonderful and photogenic area all-year round.

I also maintain a personal blog, posting daily for almost eight years, and for the past five or more with a Photo of the Day feature, one image from this website every day!

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